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Bob Dockery, Jr. is an avid international traveler and the publisher of Travel and Enjoy Magazine. No wonder his license tags read LUV2GO!

Welcome to the reincarnation of Travel and Enjoy Magazine, your source for first-hand information about travel destinations around the world.

We’ll have contributing bloggers who travel to exciting places and do exciting things, at reasonable prices. We’ll hear their personal travel stories and get tips on great restaurants, nightclubs, exciting cultural events and unique places to stay, on and off the beaten path.

Soon we’ll offer our TaEM Concierge Service to help readers plan the perfect trip.

Our new editor, Niambi Brown Davis, is a great writer and a passionate traveler. Her perspectives promise to be fresh and innovative.

Tell your friends about us. Our goal, in the words of our motto, is to become your “Cultural Connection to the World.” We intend to live up to that goal.

Travel safely and enjoy!

Bob Dockery, Jr.

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