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Weekend Getaway in Iceland – Lava Rocks, Icelandic Yogurt and a Rainbow

Let me guess what you’re thinking: "Why did you want to go to Iceland? Isn't it cold there? Where is Iceland? Does anyone live in Iceland? Isn't that a long way to travel for a weekend getaway? What's in Iceland?” It was the latter question that convinced me to take the trip.

Tybee Island and Savannah Georgia – A Summer Celebration

I had never been so hot in my life – not even in the Caribbean with its “mad dogs and Englishmen” noon-day heat. That day the heat didn’t matter. It was Juneteenth and I was in Savannah, a city I have loved since the first time I walked down the steep steps to River Street, saw the slave memorial and read Maya Angelou’s tribute to those who “got on the slave ship together.”