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Tourist Destinations and the Jazz Festival: The Best of Both Worlds

I’ve enjoyed world-class jazz in tourist destinations and exotic, romantic settings such as the Umbria Jazz Festival in Perugia, Italy and the Pori in Finland. My first andlong-time favorite was the Newport (Rhode Island) festival. Then it became the North Sea Jazz Festival. Now my favorite festival takes place in the magnificent city of Montreal.

My Summer in Havana, Cuba: Friendship, the Government and the Embargo

About Cuba itself? My trip was a vacation from heaven. There was something about the energy of the Cuban people that made me feel like a long lost member of the community who had finally come home. Words cannot express how uplifted I felt to just walk about town hearing salsa, merengue, and Afro-Cuban music blaring from homes and businesses.

Eating Out Cuban Style – My Experience in Culinary Cultural Immersion

While considering dining options in Trinidad, Cuba, we had decided on a well-known restaurant. But then our plans changed. One of the professors on our trip explained that she had been walking on the beach and was approached by a gentleman, a native Cuban who noticed our group. Would we like to dine at his home?