Halloween, Hurricane Sandy and the “Frankenstorm”

Trolley of the Doomed

Hurricane Sandy has already stormed her way through parts of the Caribbean and the Bahamas with the East Coast of the United States firmly in her sights. She may become a monster bringing in her wake the possibility of storm surges, high winds and power outages. East Coast residents have been warned to prepare for a “Frankenstorm.” For Sandy’s Halloween week appearance, no description could be more perfect.  A note of caution: you may have waited all year to transform yourself into one of the Walking Dead, but safety first. Stay out of Sandy’s way – there’s always next year.

If, by some chance, Hurricane Sandy blows out to sea, here are some East Coast happenings to celebrate All Hallows Eve.

Savannah, Georgia is the perfect city for seekers of the spirits. Board the Trolley of the Doomed for a “Frightseeing Tour” through graveyards and haunted houses. No trip to Savannah would be complete without a visit to Bonaventure Cemetery, whose 100 acre grounds were made famous in the book and movie “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.” Take the tour to see “where death and beauty meet.”

Salem, Massachusetts puts on a month-long celebration. Visit the Psychic Fair and Witchcraft Expo. Take the Salem Trolley Tales and Tombstones Tour or dance with the undead at the Zombie Prom. For more information on the spirited celebrations in Salem visit Salem Haunted Happenings.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is home to Eastern State Penitentiary. This former prison resembles a medieval castle and is considered one of the top ten haunted attractions in the country. Eastern State has been featured on Syfy’s “Ghost Hunters” and “World’s Scariest Places.” The tour is titled “Terror Behind the Walls.” Click Eastern State Penitentiary to schedule a tour. And be certain to read their FAQ page. You’ll need to know what to do if you get too scared.

Happy Halloween – travel and enjoy but stay safely out of Sandy’s way!

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