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Features and Destinations

Send us travel stories that are much more than guidebook recitations of who, what, when and where. Tell us what you saw, but just as important to us and our readers is how you felt. We want to hear about the people, places and experiences that made your trip memorable.

Write the story as if you were telling your travel story to good friends.

Families, backpackers, couch surfers, sailors, cruisers, and luxury travelers; we want to hear from you. If you’re an expatriate, give us the real deal on your adopted homeland. Word count is 500 words or less and payment is $25.00, payable within 30 days of publication.

Traveler’s Tales

In 250 words or less, share that one heartwarming, breathtaking, humorous or completely surprising travel experience that you’ll never forget. Payment for Traveler’s Tales is $20.00, payable within 30 days of publication.

Travel Blogs/Web Links

If you’ve got a travel blog or a site to share, send the information to and we’ll feature it under our Hot Links.


For commissioned articles we reserve the right to publish and reprint for five years. For non-commissioned blogs and articles, non-exclusive rights in perpetuity.

How to Submit

Please submit your articles to Include word count, a photo of yourself, an email address where readers can contact you and one or two sentences about yourself. We can’t reply to every submission, but will contact you if your story is accepted.

Format for Text and Photos

All text must be submitted in MS WORD, saved as “text only.” No text files should be saved or submitted directly from email.

If a photo accompanies your article, please make sure you own the rights.  Photos should be submitted in JPEG or Tiff files, no larger than 3000K and no smaller than 350K. Resolution should be 300 dpi (minimum accepted is 200dpi).


Payment by check will be made within 30 days of publication. Please email your postal address to

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