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Labor Day: The Beach, Festivals and Wine Tasting Under the Stars

Labor Day Weekend-say farewell to summer at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Ocean City, Maryland, at the Chicago Jazz Festival or the Sonoma Wine Country Weekend.

Tourist Destinations and the Jazz Festival: The Best of Both Worlds

I’ve enjoyed world-class jazz in tourist destinations and exotic, romantic settings such as the Umbria Jazz Festival in Perugia, Italy and the Pori in Finland. My first andlong-time favorite was the Newport (Rhode Island) festival. Then it became the North Sea Jazz Festival. Now my favorite festival takes place in the magnificent city of Montreal.

An Expat Living and Working in Australia – Part II

Thus you gotta dig deep and find the sweet spot to this expat life, roll with the punches and just enjoy living betwixt and between two cultures by living in the moment.

Weekend Getaway in Iceland – Lava Rocks, Icelandic Yogurt and a Rainbow

Let me guess what you’re thinking: "Why did you want to go to Iceland? Isn't it cold there? Where is Iceland? Does anyone live in Iceland? Isn't that a long way to travel for a weekend getaway? What's in Iceland?” It was the latter question that convinced me to take the trip.

From the App World – Six Free Travel Apps

These apps will make your travels easier. As you’ve no doubt discovered, there’s an app for every occasion. That’s why we’ve added a few Olympics 2012 apps. If you can’t be there in person, they’ll help you enjoy the games from afar.

London Olympics 2012: The Art of Swapping Olympic Pins

London Olympics 2012 brings together world class athletes for what is billed as 17 days of glory. Spectators have traveled to London from every corner of the globe to cheer as their nation’s Olympic soccer teams, sprinters, archers, rowers, equestrians, basketball and swimming teams compete for gold. They've also come to shop and swap.