Jazz 2012: The Montreal Jazz Festival

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By Bob Dockery, Jr. Publisher

I love jazz. Pick an adjective: student, fanatic, aficionado; each one accurately describes my life-long relationship with America’s original music. I remember standing in the crowd at the Newport Jazz Festival in the late 60’s, watching and listening to the greats – Miles Davis, Dave Brubeck, Herbie Hancock, Nina Simone and many more. It was a magical time for jazz lovers.

But jazz music is a fluid, constantly changing art form. Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock led several major shifts in jazz, with bebop, cool jazz, smooth jazz, fusion, jazz funk, and hard bop to mention a few. As the great mainstream jazz artists got older and eventually died, the jazz scene changed. Younger jazz musicians infused elements of traditional jazz with hip-hop, Latin, and African rhythms. As a result, a whole new generation of artists has emerged.

Whether performed by elder statesmen or the new breed, there’s nothing like hearing jazz played live in a crowd of like-minded music lovers. Moreover, summer is all about jazz. It’s the time of year when many countries host jazz festivals. Among the most popular are the North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam, the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland, Juan Les Pins in Antibes, France and of course the Montreal Jazz Festival.

For the true jazz aficionado, attending the Montreal Jazz Festival is a must. This year the festival runs from June 28th through July 7th. Along with jazz the festival offers an eclectic array of music. Stanley Clarke, Wayne Shorter, Nicolas Peyton, David Sanchez, Stephon Harris, Esmeralda Spaulding, and Ron Carter are some of the mainstream headliners. Rhythm and blues singer Janelle Monae, jazz and blues vocalist Miche Braden, festival regular Dawn Tyler Watson, Vic Vogel & Le Jazz Big Band, the Eliane Elias Brasileira Quartet, smooth jazz artist Kellylee Evans and many others are also among the stellar line-up in this year’s musical moveable feast.

Montreal Street Scene 300x198 Jazz 2012: The Montreal Jazz Festival

The event is part music fest, part street party. Festival goers can find free events, food and souvenir vendors, street performers, arts and craft booths, and boutiques. But mostly it’s the music. Plenty of great music. For the die-hards who just can’t get enough, several jazz clubs near the center are open until midnight or later. One such club is the Upstairs Room, which is actually downstairs. But what’s in a name?

The Montreal Festival has been ranked the largest in the world by Guinness World Records. Many musicians, like Dave Brubeck, BB King, Diana Krall and Al Jarreau call it the best in the world. That’s why, come hell, or high water, I’ll be there too.

If you’re looking for a jazz festival, check out our Jazz 2012 Calendar. We’ve compiled a list of festivals from sea to shining sea and beyond!

bobsmall Jazz 2012: The Montreal Jazz FestivalAbout Bob Dockery, Jr.

Bob Dockery, Jr. is an avid international traveler and the publisher of Travel and Enjoy Magazine. No wonder his license tags read LUV2GO!

One Response to Jazz 2012: The Montreal Jazz Festival

  1. Regina Washington-White says:

    Hi Bob,

    We met at the Montreal Jazz Festival. We shared Louisville Defender and other Louisville memories; and my daughter’s string quartet(Harlem Quartet)performed with Stanley Clarke. Her name is Melissa White and she is the second violinist. My father, Thomas Washington, was the photographer who shot the photos of the black life, events, parties and celebrities featured in the Louisville Defender you and I sold; along with my siblings and every other kid who’s parent worked for the Defender! Man – Mr. Stanley was a brilliant black man and entrepreneur; a visionary certainly ahead of his time. Your magazine reminds me of him and his classy style. Keep up the good work!

    What a fantastic and slick magazine, I’m so glad I got your online website. I’ve made arrangements for an online account and look forward to constantly checking in to see what’s new and where you’ve been.

    My siblings who range in age from 54 – 65, can’t believe our uncanny meeting in Montreal. It truly was a special moment during a remarkably musical adventure!

    Regina Washington-White
    greenwichrd@yahoo(517) 721-1606

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