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Jazz 2012: The Montreal Jazz Festival

I love jazz. Pick an adjective: student, fanatic, aficionado; each one accurately describes my life-long relationship with America’s original music. I remember standing in the crowd at the Newport Jazz Festival in the late 60’s, watching and listening to the greats – Miles Davis, Dave Brubeck, Herbie Hancock, Nina Simone and many more. It was a magical time for jazz lovers.

An Expat Living and Working in Australia Part I

Ever since I was a little girl, I'd always been fascinated by foreign peoples and places, and Australia seemed particularly interesting because it was so far away and at the bottom of the world with a host of exotic flora and fauna. After having lived and travelled throughout much of North America and Europe, I finally had the opportunity to work and travel in Australia. I only intended to stay for 6 months to a year, and then head on to Southeast Asia and the Pacific Rim before returning to Canada and continuing my graduate studies, but I met and fell in love with a very nice Australian guy and the rest is history.

My Summer in Havana, Cuba: Friendship, the Government and the Embargo

About Cuba itself? My trip was a vacation from heaven. There was something about the energy of the Cuban people that made me feel like a long lost member of the community who had finally come home. Words cannot express how uplifted I felt to just walk about town hearing salsa, merengue, and Afro-Cuban music blaring from homes and businesses.

Ask the “WanderWoman”

Reader questions with answers by Elaine Lee; world traveler, author and adventurer. This issue's topic: What's the scoop on traveling alone?

Trinidad and Tobago Carnival – Calypso, Masquerade and Steel Pan

This was my seventh Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago and the experience was still euphoric! Some might say “one Carnival is enough”, but for me it’s addictive, bringing me back to Sweet T&T again and again.

Cycling in Vietnam – The Unlikely Adventures of a Black Woman in Asia

What on earth is a 40 year old black woman doing cycling through Vietnam? It was a complete fluke that I ended up traveling with complete strangers on a cycling tour through Vietnam.

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro – The Samba and “My Bucket List” in Brazil

One of my world tour “bucket list” items has always been to do Carnival in Rio. I have been to Brazil many times, but never around Carnival. I decided to do it this year.